WWII Pacific

WWII Pacific Assignments

1) TOC
2) Vocab Worksheet & Nick Quan's WWII Vocab Game
3) Rise of Japan
4) Pre-War Pacific

4A) Reading For Notes - "Jigsaw Document" & Worksheet
4B) NOTES - "Long Road to Pearl Harbor"

4C) READ - 1 Page Reading on Pearl Harbor to give you the basics
4D) PONDER - "Pearl Harbor Conflicting Evidence" Powerpoint - for class discussion

5) Pacific Battles
6) Atomic Bomb Video Notes (Classwork)
7) Atomic Bomb Essay Notes (Word Doc) & (Power Pt)

7a) Kevin Lee's Atomic Bomb Study Guide: 
This summarizes some of the big opinions regarding use of the Atomic Bomb.


The links below will help students out side of class with their research, development and learning of regarding some of the atomic bomb details. Good essays will make use of the information found at these and other sites. However, be sure to check your sources and information. Try to make sure your information is accurate. If you check 10 sources and 8 sources say the bombing of Hiroshima was on August 6, 1945 and 2 sources say August 5, 1945. Then you can deduce that the bombing was on August 6, 1945. Yet, if you check 1 source and it says August 5, 1945 and you put that in your essay you are NOT going to get a good score. Get the picture? Be sure to check your facts thoroughly for the best accuracy. 

1) http://www.doug-long.com/ Good starting point that will take you to other related links. 
a) Who is who and what did they do? This link may be the most helpful for your essay?
b) Who was against dropping the bomb? 
c) Voices of A-Bomb survivors

2) http://www.dannen.com/decision/ Good info but not as expansive as the website listed above.

3) Wikipedia General Overview

ESSAY BUNCH - Here is the online video that explains how to write a 5 paragraph essay. Be sure to follow the basic rules for writing a 5 paragraph essay and avoid having to write your essay over. Mr P is strict with following the essay rules. Good Luck!

ESSAY VIDEO NOTES - This note-taking worksheet will assist you hi-lite the main points of writing a 5 paragraph essay as you watch the Essay Bunch Instructional Video.

 - Click here to see grading scale for how essays are graded

ESSAY SAMPLES - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Samples of essays from the past.


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