Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Get studying your geography!

Below are a variety of Geo Related Power Points and Worksheets to prepare you for the Geo Exam on Thursday February 24, 2012. More information about the Geography Exam and Geo Unit will be given in class.

1) ULTIMATE GEO POWERPOINT - This pretty much has it all. This is used in class, great practice exams & lots of info. This big file will take a few minutes to download.
2) Religions - Maybe not on Ultimate Geo Power Pt, so check it out here.
3) Population Density - Maybe not on Ultimate Geo Power Pt, so check it out here.

Colorful Map Packet Study Guide
 - These are scanned map packets done by legendary students Grace Cho, EriKa Roos and Connie Chen. Be happy here folks! You do NOT have to spend the time coloring in and identifying locations on a blank map packet thanks to these girls. So use that time to study study study! You can use this power point to study geography locations and statistics. Mr P highly recommends using this to study for the Geo Exam. If you cannot download it, then bring a USB to class and copy off the student computer. Or have a friend download and send it to you via email. Good luck!

Do you need help studying? Go to Legendary Sketch's Geo Page! Over the years, students mention this website as being a huge help. Check it out. (She's a super student from the past that was awesome enough to leave behind this website for you. Ask Mr. P about her!)

Don't have Powerpoint? Only want to get a hold of one page? (...or 2... or 3.... or....)
Pg 1 (Locations pg 1)
Pg 2 (Locations pg 2)
Pg 3 (World map)
Pg 4 (Africa map)
Pg 5 (Asia map)
Pg 6 (Europe map)
Pg 7 (N. America map)
Pg 8 (S. America map)
Pg 9 (Australia map)
Pg 10 (Middle East Locations pg 3)
Pg 11 (Middle East / Central Asia map)
Pg 12 (Israel / Palestine map)
Pg 13 (1 Page Geo Stat Sheet) - 2nd semester includes questions on Geo Stats such as population, world religions, etc.

GEO PRACTICE GAMES These are online websites that offer Geography Games for practice. Mr. P's Geography Exam will only feature locations listed on the map packet he hands out to students. Still, Mr. P believes it is good to review these Geography websites. Have fun!

a) Globe Game



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