Wednesday, June 20, 2012

P-Ville Info

Become enlightened about P-ville from Elders of the Past. Use the path the elders have drawn out for you or pave your own route for P-ville. Whatever the case, be sure to do something! Be sure to make P-ville a better place by the time you leave in June than what it was when you first arrived in September to P-ville. 

1) P-ville Intro
2) Daily Announcements by Mac & Nina
3) Director of Integrity (DoI)
4) Director of MVP (DoMVP)
5) Director of Economy (DoE)
6) Director of Technology (DoTECH)
7) Director of Maintenance (DoM)
8) Director of Chief of Police (DoP)
9) Director of Stocks (DoS)
10) Director of Beautification (DoB)

11) What other Director of... videos are needed?
a) Director of Directors (DoD)
b) Supreme Council (including a video viewing
c) Director of Quotes (DoQ)
d) Director of Randomness (DoR)
e) Director of SWEN (DoSWEN)
f) Director of Foreign Affairs (DoFA)
g) Director of Special Events (DoSE)
h) Director of Treasury (DoT)


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